Fichet Bauche Pyrox 300



Any company handles very large quantifies of many types of vital “papers” as part of its daily activities. These documents are an important part of the company’s “capital”, particularly those which must, by law, be held as “proof” for periods ranging from 1 to 30 years (personnel records, fiscal documents, customs paperwork, etc.). Whether “live” or simply archives, all are exposed to the same threat: fire. This ever-present, and increasing, danger, which leaves nothing behind, can become reality at any time for many reasons (carelessness, malevolent acts, accidents, terrorism, etc.).

Nobody can say their documents are completely protected against this risk. Even if they are protected against direct contact with the flame, paper documents will burn spontaneously at 177°C.

Not only must these documents be protected against the fire itself but against all the “secondary” sources of damage it generates:

  • hot toxic gases generated by the combustion of certain materials such as plastics;
  • the fire-fighting media used: water, foam or carbon dioxide.

These products can, without any assistance from the fire itself, partially or totally destroy papers.

FICHET has designed a range of 4 different-sized PYROX cabinets to gua­rantee full protection against the effects of a fire.

The PYROX series of cabinets successfully completed very severe fire-resistance tests both in the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment) in France and at the Braunschweig Technical University in West Germany, earning them the S60 P label. The fire-resistance test included heating for 1 hour followed by further heating and dropping. The tests are designed to simulate, in the laboratory, all the conditions the cabinets could meet during a real fire.

In addition to protecting documents against fire, PYROX cabinets, fortu­nately, have a more mundane purpose: to allow paper documents to be stored, filed and used. Although frequently roughly manhandled, each individual component must remain reliable.

  • Specially-tested intumescent seals.
  • Seals ploy a prime role in resisting the effects of heat: they swell and form a barrier against heat, gases of extinguisher products.

Robust telescopic slides
Sliding shelves and fittings have a very rough life and are, therefore, desi­gned to withstand a large number of operations at full load.

Door closure
An original system ensures that bolts are extended without operating the handle(s) (to protect against forgetfulness).

Boltwork and linkages proven on the test bench Each boltwork and linkage component has been severely tested to ensure its reliability. The door is fitted with a high-security M2b lock which completely pre-vents any operation of the handle; this is an extremely efficient protec­tion against indiscretion.

The internal dimensions of PYROX cabinets, combined with the wide variety of fittings available, offer numerous combinations: the cabinets can be fitted out for decentralized work stations, grouped secretarial offi­ces, archives, etc.

All moving fittings are mounted on telescopic slides which allow full access to the complete internal volume. Marked notches on the lateral uprights allow the fittings to be positioned as required.

The standard fittings offered include removable shelves, sliding shelves, removable trays for a number of formats (A4, A5, A6 and A7), trays for punched cards and telescopic frames to accommodate front-loading or lateral suspended files.

Optionally, we can offer:

  • internal cupboards;
  • a fire-proof “container” to protect data supports such as floppy disks (capacity: 325×3.1/2″ disks) (S60 P/DIS label); locks: our CVS combination lock can be adapted to any model.

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