Rosengren RT-2 5020



Over a century Rosengrens of Sweden have created for themselves a reputation as the foremost designer and manufac­turer of security safes throughout Scan­dinavia and Europe. Over the last decade Rosengrens have successfully established their range of Bankers, Treasury, and Commercial heavy duty safes in the United Kingdom. Now, applying their Swedish expertise and tradition of excel­lence to manufacture at Telford in the U.K., they have designed and developed an entirely new range of smaller cash safes — the `RT’ Range.

The modern burglar has at his disposal efficient cutting tools, oxy-acetylene equipment and various other sophisti­cated implements for safe breaking. To provide sufficient resistance to such attacks and yet give value for money within fitness for purpose is a problem which the design of the RT-2 range has been created to answer.

The RT-2 has been designed to provide complete, all-round protection, thus creating a safe of unitary strength. The door, housing moving boltwork, incor­porates maximum protection through a concrete/TDR/steel amalgam. The bolts themselves are fully protected, interlocking into the inner chassis of the safe. A live and dead AED system protects the vital locking area. If activated by an attack, it renders the safe totally unlockable. The safe body is 80mm thick, com­prising a unique combination of barrier materials.

Locking: The safe is secured by a 7-lever anti-pick keylock as standard. Dual locking or a single combination lock are optional. A timelock may be fitted on each size except the 1812.

Colour: The RT-2 is finished in an accom­modating ivory white colour.

Flooring: In general the RT will be compatible with the floor strength of most buildings, new or old.

The extras: The base fixing of the safe to wood or concrete is recommended. A range of fittings is available . . . Full width — lockable drawers . . . adjustable shelves … rotary and capsule deposit traps are available (Not on 1812 size).

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