Rosengren Vardeskap 2234 V2


Rosengrens Vardeskap Safes

Burglar-resistance classification V 2
Fire-resistance classification A 90

Safes with burglar protection -classification V 2, intended for burglary and fire protection of large cash holdings and readily saleable valuables, such as bonds, shares and documents, statuary books, service agreements etc.


  • Unique all-cast construction.
  • Tested for burglar-resistance by the Swedish National Institute for Materials Testing, and awarded the official classification V 2.
  • Tested for fire-resistance by the Swedish National Institute for Materials Testing, and awarded official classification for 90 minutes’ fire protection – A 90. Test certificates available.
  • The safes are manufactured in a new modern design. The bolts secure the door in closed position independent of the built-in hinges.
  • The safe is secured by a number of safety-devices, which are automatically activated by mechanical or thermal attack – i.e. blow-torching, oxyarc-cutting or explosives -?and which operate by deadlocking the entire belt-mechanism.
  • The safe is provided with a modern, very advanced bolt-mechanism.
  • The lock-mechanism is protected against drilling, oxyarc-cutting and explosives. The safe is delivered with door hung right or left as requested
  • Base supplied on special order.
  • All-cast insulation with special reinforcement. Manufactured under the supervision of the Swedish National Institute for Materials Testing.

As standard, the safes are controlled by a Rosengrens’ changeable keylock type ABN1-D. This unique lock offers 1.7 million variations, and can be reset in a few seconds to be operated with an alternative set of keys.

Also available on request at an additional cost:

  • one Rosengrens combination-lock type CNAB-6, offering 3 million combinations.
  • two changeable keylocks ABN1-D.
  • one changeable keylock ABN1-D in combination with, one combination-lock CNAB -6.

Interior Fittings

  • There is a wide choice of standard fittings, which can be easily arranged to suit individual requirements.
  • Drawers and cupboards are lockable.


  • Ivorywhite with darkblue control panel and matt nickel plated furniture. Darkblue base.
  • Undercoating and two coats of polyester lacquer.

The safe is delivered with or without base, height 80 Dimensions in mm (inclusive of base)

Additional information

Weight6426006209 kg