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S L S Bankers Treasury MK 2 Safes

The Banker has a tradition of absolute responsibility and paradoxically maintains that tradition by constantly scrutinising and revising established attitudes. The programme of modernisation in the banking world has been more radical than in many other spheres of business activity and outdated office equipment has given place to the most sophisticated of office systems. Bankers buy SLS safes for the simplest of all reasons. Yesterday’s safe is no match for today’s criminal.

A timelock can be fitted to the three larger models in this range of five sizes and, where space is at a premium, two smaller models can be linked one on top of the other, thus giving double the protection on the same floor area. The discipline of SLS design demands that body and door are of commensurate strength. Therefore the essential feature of construction of the entire safe is the use of highly resistant materials specially developed over the years by SLS engineers.

Safe Door
The door is designed to prevent intrusion and at the same time protect the mechanisms by which it is held in place. Vital locking areas, the target for drill attack, are protected by Superamics, a new patented SLS composite of high alumina ceramic rods enscapulated into an alloy matrix in a pre-determined geometrical pattern and presented head on to drill hits. The other main material is Zacalloy, a stainless steel cast alloy slab which embodies refractory nuggets of exceptional hardness.

The door is basically a 1 1/2″ (38 mm) thick Zacalloy slab within the 3/8″ (10 mm) thick inner and outer steel plates, Superamics being strategically positioned against drill attack. A 1/8″ (3 mm) thick sheet of copper to give increased resistance to oxy-arc cutters and a smoke generating infill completes the 3″ (76 mm) thick solid door composite.

Safe Body
The safe body is constructed in such a way as to afford protection against attack by force, oxygen cutters, drills and explosive, having an outer and inner body fabricated of 1/4″ (6 mm) steel. Zacalum, an alloy/ceramic cast slab, is used in 1 1/2″ (38 mm) thickness to form the 2 piece body shell coupled with Superamics to protect both locks from drill attack through the safe body. The space between the shell and interior casing is completely filled with Wirand/Zacrete, a high density refractory monolith having strengths in excess of 12,000 lbs. p.s.i. giving an overall solid body thickness of 4 3/4″ (121 mm).

Two locks are fitted as standard using a 7-lever SLS patented high security anti-drill keylock in conjunction with a 4-wheel keyless combination lock. Anti-drive collars are fitted to each combination lock spindle and no extra is charged for providing a combination lock. As a further safeguard a timelock can be fitted.

The operation of key, combination or timelock locks the boltwork into a deadlock posture thus maintaining the integrity of the safe since the door cannot be opened. Only when the locks are withdrawn by the correct unlocking procedure, can the boltwork be retracted.

Further relocking devices are actuated in the event of a thermic or physical attack. Protecting each lock is a sensitive glass plate to which are attached multi-strand stainless steel wires and when the glass is shattered they are released to engage a spring-loaded locking mechanism which automatically jams the boltwork. These connecting wires are housed in steel tubes, the run of which cannot be known from outside since it is varied from one safe to the next.

A timelock, when fitted, will also ensure that the boltwork remains positively locked for a pre-determined period. Whilst on guard, for up to 144 hours, this lock prevents the safe from being opened even if the other locks have been unlocked.

Rotating the bolt-operating wheel moves the entire boltwork to engage 1 1/2″ (38 mm) diameter steel bolts into deep recesses on all four sides thus making the door integral with the body of the safe. On the smaller sizes fixed dog bolts are provided on the hinge side. Operating either of the two locks then completely immobilises the boltwork making it virtually impossible to force open the door. The hinges serve merely to support the door in the open position. Every SLS safe embodies a further device which again jams the boltwork should a torch or tool attack be launched against either of the locks.

A feature of the SLS safe is the flexibility of internal arrangement made possible by supports on the inside walls. Lockable drawers, adjustable steel shelves and jewellery trays as well as cupboard units and document drawers can be installed as optional extra to the specifications of the client.

It is this freedom of layout which ensures maximum utilisation and convenience for the user. For example with two drawers side by side it is necessary to open the door only 140° to gain access to a drawer in frequent use.

All safes are prepared for floor anchoring which is strongly recommended.

The external styling includes a stainless steel fascia panel complimented by an attractive two-tone paint finish. All heavy-range SLS cash safes have the same external appearance, thus giving a casual observer no indication of the quality of the unit.

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