SLS Jeweller MK 2 5020ED


SLS Jeweller Mark 2 Range Safe

Using the most up-to-date and sophisticated barrier construction to combat today’s criminal, the Jeweller Mark 2 offers six-sided protection to all forms of attack at the same time combining great advantages in weight and dimensions.

The steel door fabrication contains a substantial zacalum casting incor­porating a stainless steel pad of superamics. This is complemented by high strength wirand zacrete, giving a total protective thickness of 3″ /75 mm.

The safe body is formed from 1/4″/ 6 mm steel, and contains a one piece bell casting of Zacalum – sophis­ticated aluminium alloy plus zac nuggets. Incorporated in the casting are special drill-resistant pads to resist attack through the body into the lockcase.

The specification and the design of the unit are such that it will resist all forms of attack including oxy­acetylene, power tools, core drills, force, and explosives.

As a pioneer in sophisticated re-locking devices incorporating special glass plates and random routing of the protected wire, the variable positions of the devices themselves, and their special superamic pads, substantially deter the professional criminal from even attempting an attack.

This new range employs three-way moving boltwork with fixed bolts on the hinge side of the door. The bolts engage directly into the safe body, thus creating an integral unit when the safe is locked.

Dual locking is standard, the variations being two combination locks, two keylocks, or a combination of both. A timelock can be provided at additional cost. (Not available size 2316.)

Adjustable shelves, full and half width lockable drawers and cup-boards are optional extras. The latter can be with deposit features or time delay locks.

The safe body is in an attractive dark hammer brown, with the door contrasting light brown semi-matt enamel. A stainless steel facia panel completes the external finish.

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