SMP Briton 2316


Briton Cash Safe

A domestic and small business safe of exceptional quality manufactured to a fine specification to protect cash and valuables in commercial and private situations.

Incorporating modern design standards together with the latest techniques in engineering procedures needed to defeat criminal attacks of all kinds into the 21st century.

The outer and inner bodies are constructed from BS 4360-43A high grade steel, which is welded and riveted to form one solid unit. Between the outer and inner bodies is a specially formulated concrete monolith designed with anti?penetration materials which make it resistant to criminal force attack. The five sided monolith gives a total protection of 64 mm, with 3.17 mm of steel to complete the sandwich.

The outer steel door plate is 8 mm thick with an additional 3 mm thick cyanide-hardened drill-resisting plate over the vital locking area. The total thickness over the lock is not less than 18 mm and the overall steel door thickness is 70 mm.

The boltwork operates moving bolts of 29 mm diameter with an extended throwing action of 25 mm ensuring maximum engagement and security when locked. The fixed dog bolts, also 29 mm diameter secure the inner edge of the door to the body. The boltwork is then secured by a high quality anti-drill Willenhall 7 lever keylock with alternative locking offered by a three wheel keyless combination lock as an optional extra. Multi-locking facilities are offered on all size units after consultation with the SMP Technical Department.

Floor anchoring

  • All SMP manufactured safes have provision for anchoring to either wood or concrete floors.
  • Installations in basements or elevated sites are no problem, please consult SMP Sales and Distribution for keen quotations.


  • All Briton Safes are provided with a fixed shelf centrally located within the interior.
  • Lockable Full Width Drawers are available in all size units. Cupboards and interior lockers available (as optional extras).

Deposit facilities (available as optional extras)

  • Rotary Traps – Drawer Type Traps – Angled Deposit Tubes – Rotatube Deposits.
  • These are available subject to prior negotiations with the SMP Technical Department.
  • Please note that 1412 and 1812 size units are not fitted with Rotary Traps or Drawer Type Traps.

Additional information

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