SMP Cumbrian 1812


SMP Cumbrian Cash Safe

The outer body is constructed from 6mm B.S. 4360-43A mild steel and is electrically welded to complete by modern processes. The inner body lining is also constructed from 6mm mild steel which is closely encased on all five sides by 19mm thick drill and torch resisting fabricated bell manufactured from our new ALURAMIC materials produced at the S.M.P. Telford Foundry. Between the Outer Body and the D.T.R. covered lining assembly is an anti-penetration monolith of Balsalite which has a crushing strength in excess of 11,500 LBS and contains ‘WIRAND’ carbon steel fibres which are evenly distributed throughout the matrix by the use of super plasticizers. The overall body thickness is 120mm and both inner and outer body sections are keyed into the protective matrix at multiple random points to ensure resistance to delamination attacks by criminals

The door is an electrically welded monolith incorporating a drill and torch resisting ALURAMIC Matrix which has an overall thickness of 140mm.

The door includes a main slab of 75mm which contains the ALURAMIC slab of 38mm thickness which is cast directly into the door carcase and keyed directly into the inner lockcase to prevent delamination.

At strategic protection points in the door assembly S.M.P. engineers insert one of the hardest known metal compounds in use today which gives an 1850 V.P.N or 95 Rockwell “A” resistance to cutting tools used by criminals. This compound is harder than any commercially used tool steels.

The boltwork operates on three sides of the door with bolts of 38mm diameter travelling 32mm into the inner lining. The bolt ends are protected by steel cups welded to the inner lining and also double protected from drill and torch attacks by 3mm plates of cyanide hardened materials strategically positioned and welded between the outer and inner body sections. Fixed Dogging Bolts of 38mm diameter protect the hinged edge of the door from wedging and explosive attacks.

The boltwork is secured by either the S.M.P. S520 seven lever Keylock or a Sargent and Greenleaf 4 wheel Keyless Combination Lock.

Multiple locking is available on all unit sizes. The S.M.P. S520 Keylock is an improved version of the standard seven lever keylocks, having a new design concept of open ended false notched levers receiving Twin Talons which are randomly positioned to prevent lock picking. The random position of the Talons across the lock bolt also prevents drilling by criminals to remove the bolt stump.

Anti explosive devices
The safe is fitted with several randomly positioned Anti-Explosive Devices. Each of these is none returnable once activated and permanently locks the boltwork making the safe inoperable.

The Live Anti-Explosive Device further protects the safe every time the safe is locked on the actuation of the lock bolt. The vital parts of the live A.E.D. are protected by strategically positioned hard weld deposit.

The “Dead” Anti-Explosive Devices are connected and primed by stainless steel (Multi-Strand) wire to special glass plates which in the event of an attack by force, drills, explosives or oxy-acetylene will shatter and release spring loaded mechanisms which once activated are non-returnable rendering the safe permanently locked. Random positions for the A.E.D. assemblies are adopted with variable positions also being made for connections to the glass plates and mechanisms which lock into the boltwork. Every circuit of stainless steel wire is randomly selected to ensure the originality of all the connectors from glass plates to A.E.D.’s.

Thermal A.E.D. device
Randomly positioned Thermal Links are included in the boltwork assembly, which in the event of an oxy-acetylene attack will actuate at temperatures of 155°F and ensure that the safe remains securely locked.

Floor anchoring
All safes manufactured at S.M.P. have provision for anchoring to either wood or concrete floors. This operation needs to be carried out by qualified personnel from the manufacturer or his agent

Fittings – Deposit Facilities
All safes can be supplied with removable shelves adjustable at 12mm pitches and self locating clips.

Lockable Full Width Drawers at 75mm deep are available for all models.

Rotary Traps, Angled Capsule Deposit Tubes, Deposit Tubes and Drawer Type Traps are also available as optional extras.

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