Tann Bullion Anti-Blowpipe MK 3 43


Tann Bullion Safes

From John Tann, the world’s oldest safe makers, comes the range of Bullion safes. These craftsman-manufactured safes are secure against all forms of attack, even the most modern. John Tann, backed by 170 years of safemaking experience, designed and built these units specifically for heavy burglary risks.

Burglar resistance
Bullion safes are defence in depth. The Body has an outer shell of toughened steel (1/4″ thick) bent cold and welded to form a complete jointless unit. This encompasses a 4 ” thick monolith of heavily reinforced blowpipe—and drill—resisting Adamantium.

The Door is welded to form one massive construction. Containing 1 3/4″ of both Adamantium and Tannolloy it has a total thickness of 7 1/2″. The minimum protective thickness of the door at any point is 4″.

Additional protection is provided at the vital parts of the lock chamber.

1 1/2″ diameter steel bolts pass through the solid flange of the lock chamber into the body of the safe. A full length 11/4 “steel tongue-bar secures the back of the door. If the locks are destroyed by heat, explosives or any combination of these and other methods, the bolts are automatically held and doubly secured in the locked position. Practically the whole door—not merely the locks—would have to be destroyed to gain entry.

Fire resistance
Where there is a severe fire risk (unique documents, objets d’art, etc.) additional fire protection is available in the form of John Tann fire resisting material. An interior lining of this special substance covers surfaces to a depth of 1 1/4″.

All round protection against Oxy-acetylene • Drills • Explosives

Bullion safes can have any one of the following locking systems :

(a) Two John Tann 10-lever keylocks each with detachable bitted keys in duplicate.

(b) Two 4-wheel combination locks each capable of 100,000,000 changes.

(c) One keylock, and one combination lock capable of 100,000,000 changes.

In addition, a time lock may be incorporated in any of these systems.

Drawers, cupboards and adjustable shelves to customers specification. Usually drawers are fitted in pairs side by side. Cupboards can be 8′”, 10″or 12″ high. Both drawers and cupboards are secured by 6-lever keylocks as standard.

Silver-grey enamel with chromium-plated handles and fittings. Other colours at extra cost.

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