Tann Clarendon 450



Modern attack methods, such as severe force through power or hand tools, drills, thermal rutting equipment and explosives are formidable opponents. The Clarendon range design incorporates modern barrier materials with a wide range of resistive properties to withstand such fierce attack.

Tested for your security
The Clarendon range has been tested and approved by leading UK insurers.

Attractive design
The Clarendon is attractively finished in off-white with grey accessories.

Fittings to suit all needs
The Clarendon has a complete range of fittings and accessories enabling it to meet varying security requirements.

A variety of single and dual locking systems are available on the Clarendon range. Timelocks and time-delay locks can also be fitted (not 450 size).

Provision for base fixing is provided in accordance with the European standard. We recommend all safes be bolted to a concrete base, hut when this is not possible, other methods are available.

Fire protection
Although not part of the European standard the Clarendon range has a 60P fire rating for added protection.

Additional information

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