Tann Levy Consort 457



The Levy Consort is specially designed to offer both compactness and value for money. Built to fit into tight areas, it nevertheless gives you ample storage room for cash, documents and valuable professional or personal belongings. A warm grey finish allows it to blend pleasingly with any office or home colour scheme. And for what could be the soundest investment you’ll ever make, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the cost.

The Levy Consort is available in two sizes. The 457, although compact, provides a surprisingly large capacity – making it ideal for the small office or shop. With only a slight increase in outside dimensions the 609 offers a considerably larger capacity – 4 cubic feet (11.3 litres). Both safes have identical construction.

The body
The outer and inner bodies are constructed from steel, electrically welded into one unit. The space between the interconnected plates is filled with high density anti-penetration material – forming a homogeneous barrier against attack, and special reinforcing has been incorporated to resist attack by wedging, drilling, and explosives.

Total protective metal thickness is 6mm, with overall thickness 74mm.

The boltwork comprises three moving 32mm diameter round steel bolts at the front, and three fixed dog bolts at the rear. Additional reinforcing is incorporated in both the lockcase and the boltwork to resist attack by wedging. Provision is also made for anchoring.

The door
A solid steel outer door plate measures 12.5mm thick – and the Consort features additional drill-resistant protection over the lock and live relocker making a total thickness over the locking area of 24.5mm.

Standard locking is by a seven-lever keylock with anti-pick notching. Three-wheel combination locking is available as an alternative, and we can also provide dual control for either type of locking.

Interior fittings
The Consort 609 comes with an adjustable shelf. Shelves and drawers are available as extras in both models.

The Consort has a textured warm grey finish, with a convenient three-spoked handle and complementary key escutcheon.

Additional information

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