Tann New Security 60



The New Security safe is the latest development of a highly efficient range of medium-priced safes. It is particularly suitable for the protection of money and valuables in shops, supermarkets, offices and homes, and is also widely used in bank branches throughout the United Kingdom. Like all John Tann safes, the New Security is the product of more than 150 years’ experience in safe making. Some of the models from which it has been developed are still in perfect mechanical condition after more than 50 years’ service.

Burglar Resistance
The body of the safe is of welded construction in special drill-resistant steel, with a 5″ thick door giving the finest possible protection to locks and boltwork.

If the locks are destroyed by heat or explosives, the bolts are automatically secured in the locked position—and the safe stays secure. The welded construction has proved its outstanding resistance to heavy explosives both in our own tests and under actual attack.

New Security safes can be supplied from stock with either one key lock or one key lock and a three-wheel combination lock. These alternative systems are available at short notice:

(a) two key locks

(b) burglar-proof combination locks

(c) time-delayed locks

The safe is supplied with a number of alternative shelves, drawers and cupboard attachments. Cupboards and drawers are fitted with keylocks and two keys supplied. Drawers may be full or half width.

Standard drawers are 5″ deep, cupboards 9″—12″ high depending on type of safe. Special sizes can be made to order.

Additional information

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