Tann TST Super Treasury 1500


Tann TST Super Treasury

The Company of Tann are the manufacturers of much that is the best in security equipment. History reveals that the House of Tann have made equipment to protect wealth and property since the reign of King George II; and later in 1795 established the world’s first firm of safemakers.

Tann has progressed and pushed forward, investigating and researching into advanced alloys, locking systems and construction in order to advance further and faster than the increasing gain in knowledge and criminals’ skill. This attention to research and detailed investigation into advanced safe engineering is equalled by the up-to-date fire protection offered by Tann’s products.

John Tann products range from the great strong-room doors of the world’s banks to the necessary fire protection of the small progressive company. John Tann is known, respected and represented throughout the world.

In the specialised field of safes the Tann Bankers’ Cash Safe has been progressively up-dated and is acknowledged as the ideal unit for banking purposes in the worlds markets. Within this market there is a growing trend to use such a safe for non-banking purposes, due to the dramatic increase in the sophisticated equipment of the safebreaker.

In the Tann Super Treasury, Tann have recognised this demand with a new range of safes geared to the more general requirements, but retaining and improving on the very high standards of resistance offered by Tann safes in the ‘heavy’ class.

The Tann Super Treasury safe is the outcome of many years research, development and testing. The overall design and construction incorporates a build-up of advanced alloys researched at Tann’s factories to give maximum strength against attack. The company’s wide experience has resulted in the incorporation of a highly resistant light-weight protection to give an overall low weight factor.

A safe to Tann Super Treasury specification, researched and developed by the Tann Swedish factory has been officially tested and passed by the highest Swedish Official Test rating. This test known as the V3, and a fire resistance rating of 2 hours, in accordance with Swedish standards, are just part of the Super Treasury safes’ qualifications. These specifications plus further confidential developments are included in the Tann Super Treasury safes.

Technical specification
For reasons of security not all details can be revealed but the following will indicate the high degree of security that is offered by the Tann Super Treasury safe.

Door Construction
The design of the door adopts a shell construction containing protective metals designed to resist skilled attacks by drills, the oxy-acetylene blowtorch, oxy-arc and other forms of oxygen cutting. The lock and bolt work incorporates anti-explosive and thermal re-locking devices, two of which are on guard each time the safe is locked; other relocking devices being actuated under attack thus securing the door in a locked condition.

The overall thickness of the door is 73/4″ (197 mm) with a minimum of 2 1/2″ (63 mm) of protective metals over the lock and bolt work. Additional protective plates are positioned over the vital lock areas.

Body construction
The body is of multiplex construction with the outer shell housing a composite structure incorporating special alloys for resistance against various forms of attack. The construction is also designed to resist delamination by the inclusion of a massive reinforcement network.

A total of 2″ (51 mm) of metal protection is given in an overall wall thickness of 5″ (127 mm).

Control mechanisms
The standard locking mechanism is one high security nine lever keylock and one combination lock. Alternative lockings are two keylocks or two combination locks. Keys are supplied in duplicate.

Internal fittings
The standard internal fittings are as indicated in the table on the back page. Full width drawers or cupboard units, secured by keylocks, can be installed as an optional extra.

The external appearance is such to blend with present day office design. The finish is sand-grey with Tann steel blue fascia and polished chrome fittings.

Each safe is designed with the facility to incorporate full security anchorage if desired.

Safe testing and the Tann Super Treasury
The design of the Super Treasury incorporates the latest international ideas in terms of materials and mechanisms as well as traditional standards of Tann workmanship. It has been developed from existing safes made in the Tann Swedish factory which have passed the highest Swedish Official Test Rating — known as V3.

A safe identical to the Super Treasury (but fitted with only one 3 wheel combination lock) has been independently tested and listed by the U.S. Underwriters Laboratories in Chicago. The Super Treasury safe qualifies for a 2 hour Fire Resistance rating in accordance with Swedish standards. The Super Treasury is the only safe meeting the international standards described above to be manufactured in Britain.

The requirements of these tests, mentioned here, the Super Treasury takes in its stride; but it is not designed solely to pass tests. For example the Swedish standard does not require a high sensitivity plate protecting the locks, linked to multiple relocking devices. Nevertheless, the Super Treasury has these features. Similarly, the U.S. Standard does not require the degree of sophistication of mechanism to resist explosive attacks provided in the Super Treasury safe.

This safe will set its own high standard in the judgement of insurance companies and discerning buyers wherever it is offered. It is indeed a Super Treasury.

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