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SLS 5000 2316

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DIMENSIONS - 826 / 648 / 700 mm
WEIGHT - 864 kg
VOLUME - 97 m3

Used to specify lock types on safes


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Product description

S LS 5000 RANGE Safes


The outer body is constructed from 1/4" steel, formed with minimum radius corners and welded by modern process.
The inner body is constructed from 1/4" steel, which is closely en-cased on all five sides by a single drill and torch resisting alloy casting, with a minimum thickness of 1".
Between the outer body and the casting is an anti-penetration monolith containing carbon steel fibres, which is vibrated. It has a crushing strength in excess of 11,500 p.s.i. (Laboratory Test). The overall thickness of the safe body is 4 3/4".

The door is of laminated construction which, with the fire resist­ing pan, has an overall thickness of 6 1/2". It is suspended on anti-friction bearings, and provision is made for adjustment.
The first lamination is a 3/8" steel plate, backed by a 3/4" thick high density anti-penetration concrete keyed to door-plate. A pyramid faced, drill and torch resisting alloy slab, having a thick­ness of 1 1/2", is secured to the inner door-plate. The inner plate is again 3/8" steel giving a door thickness of 3" and a total thickness over the lock of 1/2".
The boltwork moves on three sides of the door, with bolts of 1 1/2" diameter steel. The boltwork locks directly into the inner body lining which has spun steel cups to receive the locking-bolts.
The size 1814 has three moving bolts on the leading edge of the door and one moving bolt both top and bottom.
The size 2316 has three moving bolts on the leading edge of the door and two moving bolts both top and bottom.
The size 3520 has four moving bolts on the leading edge of the door and two moving bolts top and bottom.
All sizes have fixed 1 1/2" bolts on the rear edge of the door.

The boltwork is secured by either a seven lever keylock or a keyless combination lock. Alternative locking can be by a keylock in addition to a combination lock or two keylocks or two combination locks.
The S.L.S. 5000 has been especially designed so that the keylock and combination lock are readily interchangeable.
The keylock is of an entirely new patented design. It has open ended, notched levers and multiple probe arms set at different heights forming part of the laminated bolt. The probe arms are severally positioned across the whole width of the lock bolt and it is no longer possible to remove the lock bolt stump by drilling a single small hole.
The keyless combination lock is a four wheel Sargent and Greenleaf with an anti-observation dial and dial-ring.
A Sargent & Greenleaf 2 or 3 movement timelock can be fitted.


The safe is fitted with two anti-explosive devices.
The live anti-explosive device, which is located in random positions, protects the boltwork every time the safe is locked.
The dead anti-explosive device is connected by stainless steel wire to a special glass plate which, in the event of attack by force, drills, explosives or oxy-acetylene will shatter and release a spring loaded mechanism. Random positions are adopted both for the connections to the glass plate and also to the mechanism which locks into the boltwork.
The circuit of the stainless steel wire is also varied in each safe.

Every safe is prepared with a base fixing hole for a 5/8" diameter high tensile rawl bolt, suitable for either concrete or wood floors.
An alternative method of anchoring safes to wood floors is available which is a base fixing plate secured to the floor with coach screws, or rawlnuts.

Shelves, adjustable at 1" (26mm) pitch.
Lockable full width or half width drawers, overall height 4" (102mm) internal height 3" (77mm).
Lockable cupboards, height 9" (229mm), 12" (305mm) 15" (380mm)

The safe is finished in a grey acrylic full-gloss paint.
The attractive ergonomically designed combined bolt-throwing and pull handle is finished in anodised alloy, satin polished.
Safes secured by keylocks are fitted with flexi-roll escutcheons to prevent ingress of contaminants to lock mechanism.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
SLS 5000 2316 864 826 / 648 / 700 585 / 407 / 407 97
£700.00 excl VAT £525.00 excl VAT
Model SLS 5000 2316
Weight 864
External H / W / D (mm) 826 / 648 / 700
Internal H / W / D (mm) 585 / 407 / 407
Volume (litres) 97
£700.00 excl VAT £525.00 excl VAT