Rosengren MultiData D202

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  • External measurements : H 680mm x W 780mm x D 620mm
  • Internal measurements : H 232mm x W 481mm x D 325mm
  • Weight : 235 KG
  • Volume : 36 L
  • Fire Rating : 60
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Product description

Rosengrens MultiData Data Media Cabinets

If you need fireproof storage for your compu­ter media, MultiData is the safe for you. Our new range consists of tested modular safes in various sizes – a safe for every specific need. No one safe is like another, so the final touches are up to you.

Safes and tested safes
Our new safes are of course tested and certified to VDMA 24991. This guarantees that the computer media stored in the safes will withstand fire for 601120 minutes. They also offer you maximum security against humidity and smoke gases. With a safe that has not been tested or built with tested material, melted plastic is probably all that would be left of your computer media in the event of a fire.

Six sizes and flexible fittings
All our interior fittings, from the flexible shelf to our lockable compartment, can easily be adapted to vari­ous types of computer media, from diskettes and CD-ROM discs to hard discs. The flexible fittings enable you to reach everywhere in the safe, including right to the back.

Our new MultiData safe boasts several unique new features. One is the door. You will notice that closing the door of a MultiData safe is similar to closing the door to your car – instantly sealed with no play at all. We have also added a unique, self-adjusting seal­ing solution, which keeps constant pressure on the door, so that no heat, moisture or gas can penetrate the safe. Another innovation is a new perforation technology to improve fire safety even further.

Locks, locks and locks
We do not have a standard version of lock on MultiData safes. We let your requirements determine which kind of lock you need. We can supply you with key locks, combination locks, electronic locks or a combination of locks. If you need to control and reg­ister all usage, use RCD – our electronic control sys­tem. All our models are prepared for dual locking, and come with high-quality tested locks.

Once again we have used a well-known designer, this time Pelle Pettersson, to create the styling of our safes. We have also devoted a lot of effort to making the safes ergonomic. A safe should work with the user and the surroundings, not against them. MultiData safes work with you, as you will notice as soon as you start using them.

Modern production
All our new safes are manufactured at our state-of-the-art high-quality plant in Sweden. The plant is cer­tified in accordance with ISO 9000, which guaran­tees the very best quality not only on the first safe manufactured, but also on the 15,000th. Further-more, our products are subject to external manu­facturing control by the relevant certification bod­ies. As we mentioned earlier “No one safe is like another…”. This means that we build your safe ac-cording to your specifications, i.e. tailor-made pro­duction.

The Environment
At the same time as investing in a new, modem plant, we also improved our environmental thinking. Our entire production, from the choice of material in the safes to the manufacturing process, is characterised by environmental awareness. Most materials in the safes and the packaging are recyclable.

The Multi Range
The MultiData is part of our Multi Range, which also includes MultiDoc and MultiSec. Our vision when we created the Multi Range was to make a safe that was as flexible and easy to use as possible. It used to be tricky to store documents, computer media and valuables, because you needed two or three different safes.

Our latest range of safes lets you store most of these things in one safe, saving time, money and space. You can even adapt the safe as your requirements change. Call it a living safe, if you like.

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