Chubb 2000 Series File 2406

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  • External measurements : H 1559mm x W 540mm x D 817mm
  • Weight : 413 KG
  • Fire Rating : 120
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Chubb 2000 Series Fire File Protection

Fire is one of the most serious threats to the security of even the best run organisations. It causes over £1,000,000 worth of damage in Britain every day and 45% of major fires are the result of arson, a crime which is on the increase. Insurance is not the complete answer as the burden of proof usually falls on the insured and many policies are rendered void if the company ceases trading. All organisations have vital documents which would be difficult or impossible to replace in the event of a serious fire: Sales ledgers, Purchase ledgers, Stock records, Title Deeds, Register of Shareholdings, Pension Fund Records, Salary records, Product formulations and other technical data. Light steel furniture and antique safes provide no significant fire protection. A purpose made Chubb fire protection Fire Safe Filing Cabinet is the way to ensure that documents are protected, where they are needed: at the point of use

These are very robust filing cabinets with special fire proofing which does not contain any asbestos. The construction includes the following special features:

The Filing Cabinet is available in a choice of 2, 3 or 4 drawer. The 4 drawer is for foolscap filing but the 2 and 3 drawer are available with rails for either foolscap or computer printout. Insert drawers and trays are available for a variety of card sizes (see table of fittings opposite)

The standard version of the cabinet has a special Chubb key lock which is fitted to the top drawer and secures all the drawers. Two brass keys are supplied with each cabinet.


  • Two key locks
  • For dual control, TWO key locks are fitted to the top drawer securing all the drawers
  • Key and combination locks. The top drawer is fitted with ONE key and one combination lock which secures all the drawers. The combination lock has 3 wheels which can be set to 1,000,000 different codes.
  • Individual locking Individual locking on any drawer by one Chubb lock. The main lock will not then operate on that drawer. All keylocks are supplied with two keys.

The cabinet is finished in an attractive light grey slightly textured spatter paint. The metal handles have a durable dark grey finish.

In addition to our own fire testing at our Wolverhampton factory the cabinet has also been fire tested and endorsed by independent laboratories in both Sweden and the USA.

The test in the USA was carried out by Underwriters Laboratory (U. L.) a non profit organisation which carries out fire testing for insurance and public safety purposes. U.L. awarded it their coveted 2 hour class 350 paper protection rating, after exhaustive testing.

This involved placing the cabinet in a furnace and exposing it directly to the flames. Within five minutes, the temperature in the furnace reaches 538°C (1000°F). After two hours the furnace temperature is 1010°C (1850°F) and the outside of the cabinet glows red hot. In a fire the cabinet would probably be left in hot rubble so the test involves leaving the red hot cabinet to cool slowly in the furnace.

In a fire the floor could collapse, so as part of the test a hot cabinet is dropped 30ft (9.1m) onto rubble and then returned to the furnace to ensure that it still provides fire protection for documents. At no stage during these tests does the temperature inside the cabinet exceed the safe storage temperature for paper: 176°C ( 350°F).

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