Chubb Commere Euro 2

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  • External measurements : H 718mm x W 668mm x D 653mm
  • Internal measurements : H 550mm x W 484mm x D 419mm
  • Weight : 580 KG
  • Volume : 116 L
  • Cash Protection Value : £17.5k
  • Fire Rating : 0
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Product description

The Commerce Eurosafe

All Chubb safes are constructed in one five-sided monolithic piece. There are no weak joints, as found in some other manufacturers slab construction. The walls and door of the Commerce Eurosafe are armoured with Chubb F4 material to an overall barrier thickness not less than 84mm, using a new Chubb technique which greatly increases barrier strength and the safes resist­ance to delamination attack. This over-comes the weakness of layered or laminated constructions. This method of construction provides a high level of protection against oxy­acetylene cutting, high speed drilling, disk cutting, hammers and chisels, wedges and percussion drills – all the common weapons used frequently by burglars. More importantly it protects against a combination of these attacks – which has become more frequent in recent years.

Long-throw moving bolts on the front, top and bottom edges of the door supported by deeply engaged fixed bolts on the rear edge, will frustrate skilled burglar attempts to open the door with explosives. These bolts are secured by one or more Chubb seven-lever keylocks or three number com­bination locks themselves protected by live relocking devices which are set in the on-guard position by the action of locking the safe. When the safe is locked, the bolts are disengaged from the external throwing handle and remain so until the locks are operated normally.

The smallest sizes ‘0’ and ‘1’ are R/H only. Sizes 2, 3, 4, and 5 are R/H as standard but can be L/H where this gives more convenience and flexibility in choice of safe location.

A variety of locking arrangements is available as shown in the schedule overleaf. Each combination lock or keylock is protected by a live relocking device. All locks are made and fitted by Chubb.

All safes are fitted with vertical slotted racking so that shelves and other fittings can be quickly and easily adjusted at 27mm intervals. Plain shelves and lockable cupboards are available for all sizes of safe and can be sited at any height in the safe. Full width lockable drawers are available for Sizes 0, 1, 2, and 3 and these can be sited in the bottom or at any height in the safe. The internal dimensions of shelves and cupboards can be given upon request.

Deposit Facilities
The ability to deposit valuables through a trap into a locked safe, is a useful feature in many situations. The Commerce Eurosafe can be fitted with the traps.

The Commerce Eurosafe is painted light grey inside and out with a contrasting darker grey on the door. The Commerce Eurosafe has been designed to look good in any office.

Security Features

  • Live and dead relocking devices
  • Handle to bolts linkage disengages
  • Added drill protection
  • Torch resistance
  • Explosives resistance
  • Jointless construction
  • Fully anchored armour
  • Base fixing
  • Choice of locking
  • Modern appearance to suit any office
  • Full installation and service back-up

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